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    TRAFFIC LINE - Heavy Duty Pallet Rack Protectors

    From £44.99 incl VAT
    • Conforms to DIN 4844 Safety Guidelines
    • Provide protection from vunerable frame ends & uprights
    • Made in steel & powder coated yellow with black bands
    • Can effectively be used to protect machines, partitioning, mezzanine support columns, concrete columns etc
    • Right angle - for corner protection (bolted on 2 sides)
    • U - Profile - for three sided protection (bolted on 3 sides)

    TRAFFIC LINE - Protection Guards

    From £146.59 incl VAT
    • High impact guards manufactured in high quality 3mm guage steel which is 76mm dia
    • Protect your stock, traffic routes & work areas
    • TUV tested for strength & build quality
    • Finishes: Yellow powder coat with black bands (interior use). Hot dip Galvanised & Yellow powder coat with black bands (exterior use)
    • Special size & colours are available - please call for details
    • Surface and sub-surface fixings are not included but are available - please call for details

    TRAFFIC LINE - Steel Hoop Guards

    From £223.84 incl VAT
    • Guards manufactured in high quality 2mm guage steel which is 48mm dia
    • Height 1000mm
    • Ideal for the segregation & protection of vunerable zones such as walkways & machinery
    • Finishes: Yellow powder coat with black bands (interior use). Hot dip Galvanised & Yellow powder coat with black bands (exterior use)

    Lift Out Rail System

    From £158.47 incl VAT
    • The rails on this protective barrier system are easy to remove allowing cost efficient access to machinery
    • Posts are constructed from 80mm heavy duty square tubular steel and the rails from 100 x 50mm tubular steel
    • Mounted on square floor plates which are pre-drilled for fixing to the floor (fixings not supplied)
    • Finish: Stove Enamel Yellow

    Protect-It Column Guards

    From £50.34 incl VAT
    • Passed both front/side impact tests to conform to FEM 10.2.02
    • Deflects in the same way as a car bumper to abosrb impacts
    • Easy ti fit by hand - no tools required
    • Easy to remove for rack inspactions
    • Effective in cold stores as low as minus 40 degrees

    Protective Barrier Rail System

    From £399.80 incl VAT
    • Constructed from 100mm heavy duty square tubular steel
    • Ideal for dividing manufacturing units & equipment in warehouses etc
    • Mounted on square floor plates with pre-drilled fixing holes for fixing to the floor (fixings not supplied)
    • The corner rail gives the option of a protective cage around equipment
    • Finish: Stove Enamel Yellow

    TRAFFIC LINE - Impact Protection Railing System

    From £158.58 incl VAT
    • Extremely strong & versatile protective railing system
    • Manufactured in structural steel & hot dip galvanised finish with yellow powder coat - ideal for external use
    • Ideal for customised bespoke solutions
    • TUV tested for strength & build quality
    • Posts: 100 x 100mm section. Base Plate: 200 x 200mm, Surface fixing (4 bolts)
    • Lateral Rails: 120 x 80mm section

    Steel Partition System

    From £116.08 incl VAT
    • Quick and easy solution to installing partitioning
    • Create your desired partition size with ease
    • Steel partition system which is ideal to segregate areas to your workshop/warehouse
    • Fully modular to create your desired size
    • Posts are constructed from 50mm heavy duty square tube steel which are mounted on floor plates which are pre-drilled for fixing to the floor (fixings not supplied)
    • Finish: powder coated yellow
    • When ordering please send drawing showing design layout, including which side is the front & any corner positions

    STOMMPY Flexible Barrier Systems Rackend Protection

    Call for pricing
    • Tested to stop:

      D120 Rail—4030kg @ 9.6mph

      D140 Bollard—4030kg @ 7.9mph

    • A range of bollards & guardrails available to protect the most vulnerable part of warehouse racking.
    • The rack end is protected from bumps, scrapes & collisions which inevitably lead to damage, safety concerns & extra repair costs.
    • Guardrails can also be used to protect walls, doors & equipment.

    STOMMPY Flexible Barrier Systems Unique FIXA Block System with 5 Year Guarantee

    Call for pricing
    • Stommpy® Shockproof products deflect but never break!
    • Made from Tecklene®, Stommpy® products are shockproof, rust & shatterproof, suitable for general warehouse use & certified for use in food processing & pharmaceutical environments.
    • No more rust, expensive re-painting procedures or costs for replacing traditional bollards and guardrails.
    • The new patented floor anchoring FIXA Block System® has increased the pull-out resistance of the floor fixing to over four times that of a traditional floor anchor.
    • All barriers are fixed within their footprint which ensures no bolt heads can be pulled out of the floor.
    • The Fixa Block System® is guaranteed not to damage the floor in normal warehouse impacts.

    Musca-Anti Collapse Partitions

    Call for pricing
    • Panels are available in 3 sizes with a choice of 100 x 50mm, 50 x 50mm or 25 x 25mm mesh apertures. 
    • Also various size stand-off brackets are available 
    • Guide price £25.00 per linear metre applicable for standard Grey RAL 7037 finish. 
    • Detailed prices for projects are available on request.
    • A Pallet rack mesh safety screen which helps prevent accidents whilst handling and storing goods.

    Pallet Racking Accessories

    From £6.26 incl VAT

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