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    Vertical Drum Storage

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    Bunded Work Floors

    From £350.82 incl VAT
    • 2 Drum and 4 Drum panels
    • Removable grate allows easy access to sump contents
    • Easy low level loading - just 150mm
    • When the sumps are linked together they can be used to create bunded work / storage areas that meet the guidelines provided by the Environment Agency, Scottish Environment Protection Agency and the Environment and Heritage Service
    • Comply to all UK Oil Storage Regulations
    • Ideal for use with both 25 & 205 Litre Drums

    Floor Sump Pallets

    From £565.96 incl VAT
    • Fully welded construction providing secure sump containment
    • Available with / without a Galvanised grid
    • Suitable for use with our single or double drum cradles
    • Comply to Oil Storage Regulations (England) 2001

    Sump Drum Storage Pallets

    From £968.22 incl VAT
    • Fully welded construction providing secure sump containment
    • When not in use the fork guides give a safe & secure lift
    • Fitted with removable Galvanised grid for ease of cleaning
    • Suitable for use with our single & double drum cradles

    Sump Flooring

    From £1,338.08 incl VAT
    • Ramp and Rail are optional extras
    • Versatile Sump Flooring to meet your needs
    • Flush fitting seam welded floor panels
    • Safeguard the contents of the drums from potentially contaminating work areas should a drum fail
    • Comply to Oil Storage Regulations (England) 2001

    Vertical Drum Stores

    £1,581.30 incl VAT
    • Manufactured from Heavy Duty corrugated steel
    • Enclosed on 3 sides to stop splash contamination

    Drum Storage Units - 8 - 20 Drums

    From £4,331.01 incl VAT
    • Ground Clearance: 150mm
    • Fork Centres: 760mm
    • Heavy duty Drum Storage units of fully welded construction
    • Safe storage for 8, 10, 16 or 20 standard 210 litre drums, either palletised or loose loaded
    • Heavy duty frame is rated at 3 tonnes distributed load over a 3 metre bay
    • The 8 and 10 drum units are single tier and the 16 and 20 drum units are double tier
    • Swaged and re-inforced robust sheet steel walls on 3 sides
    • The sump units can be removed for steam cleaning and have removable galvanised grid floor panels
    • Fork guides ensure safe and secure movement
    • Finish: Stove enamel Blue
    • N.B. A Forklift will be needed to unload these units
    • Comply to Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) (England) Regulations 2001

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